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Mamba Vault MV505B Fingerprint Safe Round key

Guns are one of the top targets of thieves and burglars, but you can protect your firearms by locking them away in a secure gun safe. Approximately 190,000 guns are stolen every year, and thousands of accidents occur when guns are handled by untrained individuals who have not been authorized to use them. Several different types of gun safes are available, but the best one for you depends on your specific situation. Portable gun safes are perfect for travelling or when you only own a single pistol, and many of them combine the features of quick-access gun safes so that firearms can be reached in emergencies.

Mini gun safes suffer from one serious drawback, howevertheir very small size. If you have multiple pistols, shotguns or rifles, you may want to consider a large gun vault, such as the 31242-SA Rifle Case, 3842-SA Shotgun Case or 51653-SA Closet Vault from V-Line. If you have any questions or need assistance ordering, contact us at BUYaSafe.com today.