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High-Security Deadbolts & Door Handle Sets

High Security Locks

While standard door locks provide adequate protection under normal circumstances, many models, including deadbolt locks, carry significant drawbacks. One of the greatest of these is that they are susceptible to being picked or broken, degrading the security of your home or business. For this reason, a new standard was developed for high-security door locks that provide much higher levels of protection. The best deadbolt locks and handle locks meet the Underwriters Laboratory standard 437 (UL 437).

Heavy-duty dead bolts and other high-security locks are constructed from quality materials that surpass those used for standard locks. The mounting screws are thicker, and the housing is solid brass or steel rather than hollow. In addition, all UL 437 locks are designed to resist picking, drilling and key bumping. For a wide selection of the best deadbolt lock sets available today, contact us at BUYaSafe.com, where our knowledgeable representatives are waiting to answer your questions and take your orders.